Loopshore is a passionate tech innovation company

We are currently developing the world’s first air quality and environmental sensors which utilizes AI and IoT radio networks. Our service enables a comprehensive understanding of the air quality and the condition of the buildings.

Our technology is compatible with all end user devices and systems.

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Our technology is being developed with pilot clients and partners. Please contact us for more information on how to get involved.

For consumers

We are currently developing technology that enables everyone to study air quality and pollution levels in their neighborhoods and homes.


For cities

In Finland alone, moisture and molding problems are threatening the building stock up to 28 billion euros. How to prevent buildings from molding, and ensure clean and fresh breathing air?

For businesses

Did you know that increase of 400ppm carbon dioxide reduces overall cognition by 21%? How to ensure employees’ productivity and save energy?

We are Loopshore

Janne Edgren


Janne is an innovator and leader who has had the privilege to work with many great teams developing great solutions for customers. He has comprehensive experience of innovation facilitation, R&D, multi cultural team leading and customer support. Janne has had the privilege to work in interesting projects e.g. first 3G phone call and leading a startup up’s first product development project as a CTO. He has currently 2 patents for IoT devices. He is a builder and tinkerer during his free time, and his projects vary from house renovation to electronics and Linux projects.

Jari Yli-Nikkola


Jari has comprehensive experience of HW and SW projects and has a profound understanding of the challenges invloved. Jari has worked in several positions during 20 years e.g. SW & HW engineer, After sales manager, System designer, Software architect, Product owner and Testing specialist. Jari has experience from brainstorming to customer delivery and support. He enjoys working with new challenges and problem solving with customers. During his free time Jari might listen good old heavy music or cheer his favorite ice hockey team.

Jussi Ratilainen


Jussi is a coder at heart. His ability to distinguish relevant matters from nonsense, is greatly appreciated by the team. Jussi’s 15+ years of experience in SW projects has given him the ability to turn even the wildest ideas into reality. He already has two patents for wireless communications. Jussi is a builder and tinkerer during his free time, and has built solar powered solutions, electric vehicles and improvements to his dirt bike to keep his hands warm in the brutal Finnish winter during his long journeys through blizzards in the wilderness.